Estate Sales Service

We Provide Estate Sales Services In The Roanoke VA Area


Having an estate sale to downsize personal property or to liquidate a loved ones property after a death can be an emotional and stressful task. Our Estate Sales service is here to help you and we understand the process as well as the emotional aspects of dealing with transitions and loss of loved ones. No matter why you are selling we can help you. We have managed living estates and beyond.

An estate sale is not a yard sale or an auction it is something better! Estate sales are organized and heavily advertised tag sales that take place in a private home or property. An estate sale is designed to get you the most money for your items in the shortest amount of time and at the same time clearing out your home/property of clutter and personal property.

An estate sales company or estate liquidator charges a percentage ranging from 20% to 40% depending on the workload and more importantly the value of the contents in your estate. If you have old collectibles, antiques, a large quantity/hoard or items, coins, jewelry, tools, high end items, vintage items, etc.. the fees would be lower than if your estate only contained household items and furniture. The bigger the better when dealing with estate sales!

We help clients sell all sorts of items from small collections to large massive hoards of treasure! No matter what you have to liquidate and estate liquidator like us can help you do it. Our fees are always absorbed by the extra money we help you make from your items. We find value where others do not! We have on many occasions discovered valuable items that families put in donation and throw away piles. Something as simple as an old post card could fetch upwards of $100.00 in some cases, so be careful of what you throw out.

Will the contents of your home/property justify having an estate sale? Lets find out! Give us a call and lets talk about your estate contents. We can make an appt. to stop buy and assess the personal property and help you decide what the best option is for your unique situation.

An Experienced & Expert Estate Liquidator In Roanoke VA

We have over 15 yeas experience with liquidating estate and even more  with vintage items, antiques, jewelry, coins, and collectibles.  We have managed, helped, or consulted with hundreds of people that needed help liquidating personal property. If something has value, we will find it and sell it for fair market price! We can also sell common items that most people would throw out or donate. We can help you convert unwanted items in to cash and valuable items in to even more cash. We get our clients top dollar for their items.

Some Estate Items We Can Help You Sell:

Vintage Items

Railroad Items
Old Tools
Old Toys
Vintage Jewelry
Old Paper
Old Photos
Pocket Knives
Old Signs
Advertising Items


Gold & Silver
Old Jewelry
Designer Jewelry
Costume Jewelry
Pocket Watches
Old Watches
Old Pins
Class Rings
Native American
Luxury Items
Gem Stones


Sterling Flatware