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Oddities Shop Roanoke VA

There are not many oddity shops in the Roanoke VA area, The Vintage Reseller finds and acquires all sorts of oddities from time to time that are available for purchase. Ranging from vintage funeral, medical, creepy, taxidermy, old photos, and more.

We buy and sell oddities, curiosities, and unique vintage items online and locally in Roanoke VA, Vinton VA, Salem, VA.

Types of Oddities & Curiosities We Have Or Might Buy:

  • Old ODD Photos
  • Circus / Clown / Side Show Items and Photos
  • Advertising Items
  • Vintage Funeral Items
  • Bones – Skulls – Skeletons
  • Vintage Medical Items
  • Apothecary Items
  • Horror Toys and Movie Memorabilia
  • Odd Vintage Jewelry – Poison Rings Etc.
  • Mourning Jewelry¬† (Victorian Jewelry)
  • Taxidermy
  • Crime Related Items
  • Books / Magazines / and more
  • Unique Antique Weapons / War Items
  • Vintage Occult – Witchcraft – Astrology
  • Ouija Boards – Planchette

We Buy Non-Sport Trading Cards In Roanoke VA

We Buy Video Games & Consoles

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