Old Postcards

We buy vintage postcards, old photos, and ephemera

We buy vintage postcards and have been collectors, resellers, and buyers of old vintage postcards for over 15 years. Postcards are collectible and are considered ephemera. We buy all sorts of ephemera,

We Buy Postcards Locally Or Nationwide

We buy old postcards – generally we look for postcards that are from the 1940s and older. Some old postcards have vale and many do not. Age does not dictate the value of postcards but plays a factor. Some postcards that are 100+ years old have no resell value and some can be very valuable. Subject matter, type of postcard, postal cancels, and more all play a factor in value. One popular type of postcard is an RPPC like seen below in the photo (top right) shows a photo of a man playing a guitar and a WW1 soldier next to it. These 2 examples are RPPC (Real Photo Postcards) and are more collectible that others. The value of an RPPC depends on what the picture is of and if it is an identified person or place. Other postcards that might be good are Hold to light postcards, Vintage Halloween Postcards, Railroad Postcards, Black Americana Postcards, and more!

From postcards, old photos, ticket stubs, documents, old ledgers, scrapbooks, photo albums, and more. We by all sorts of old paper items. Call us anytime.